Group Theory & Dynamics

Designed to assist Group Leaders in understanding the stages of group development, the dynamics of member interactions and what makes a group succeed or fail. Through exercises, class interaction, readings and written assignments, students will learn to put various techniques to practical use in groups to which they already belong or plan to organize. With the development of these skills, the Group Leader will be better prepared to deal with group issues and lead more effective, cohesive and productive groups.

Instructor:  Lilia Leshan

Lilia Leshan, M.F.T.

Class Meetings: Wednesdays 6 pm ET

Prerequisites: None

Required Readings:

Yalom, Irvin. The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy. Basic Books 2005

Fulfills: This is a required class for all M. Div. Pastoral Counseling students in PCC, and an option for MA students in PCC. It fulfills the requirement for an Area II course for other students.

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