Goddess & God: Archetypes in Arthurian Legend

This course will explore the feminine and masculine archetypes revealed in the tales of King Arthur, with particular attention to how these archetypes manifest in our own lives. Are you Guenevere? Morgaine of the Fairies? Morgaine’s mother Igraine? Viviane, High Priestess and Lady of the Lake? Perhaps you are Lancelot, Elaine, or Arthur himself. Discover and explore your own inner Camelot in this fascinating 4-week course.

Instructor: Valentine McKay-Riddell

Class Meetings: Sundays 8PM ET (Foundations Summer Two runs from the week of June 17 through July 14 (note this class will hold its first meeting on June 16)

Required Readings:

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. 1982. The Mists of Avalon. New York: Del Rey/Ballantine

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