Eastern European Pagan Traditions

Eastern European Paganism typically receives little attention in the West. This unfortunate gap in our knowledge is countered in this course, which is a comprehensive overview of studies, scholarly works and current dynamics related to history, geography and heritage of the Eastern European Pagan Traditions in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Russia and republics of former Yugoslavia. We focus on beliefs, rituals, worship, ethics and community, symbolism, ultimate reality and divine beings, dying and death, afterlife and salvation. Finally, we will examine elements of shamanism and Paganism in Eastern European Paganism, including an introduction to the unique mantic arts, divinations and augury of Eastern Europe.


Miroslav Sarac, Ph.D.

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Required Reading: 

Jones, Prudence and Nigel Pennick. A History of Pagan Europe. Taylor and Francis, 1997.

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