Dreams in Spiritual Mentoring M5009/P5009

Anne Hill, D.Min.

Instructor: Anne Hill, D. Div.

Class Meetings: Wednesday 5 pm PT

Prerequisites: None

Dreams have played an important historic role in Pagan traditions as a reliable means of direct communication with the Gods, ancestors, and nature spirits, for healing, prophecy, and intercession. Our use of dreams today is heavily influenced by Jung and other modern thinkers, as well as traditional and shamanic ideas about dreams. The first part of this course highlights some of the ways human cultures have viewed and interpreted their dreams, and used them in a ritual or sacred context. The second part of the class concerns dreams as a modern source of divination and spiritual direction. Using current research, their own dream material, and an interactive class dream group, students will develop a framework for using dreams in spiritual mentoring, and identify approaches to dreams that make the most sense for contemporary Pagans. Students will be expected to participate in regular discussion forums, as well as submit periodic reflective writing.

Fulfills the Area I requirement for a course addressing spiritual formation and creativity.

Required Reading:

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