Crones and Sages: Ministry To and For Older People

Vivianne Crowley, Ph.D

Instructor: Vivianne Crowley

Class meetings: Sundays 4 pm ET – every other week

Class description: The age profile of the Pagan community is rapidly evolving as those who became active Pagans in the 1970s reach the last third of life. In response to aging, Pagans have begun to develop rites of passage for older Pagans, particularly croning rituals for woman, but support for older Pagans to enable them to play an active role in the community will become an increasingly important issue.

This course will assist clergy in helping Pagans and Paganism to meet the challenge of old age and to develop models of spiritual development and maturity that can point the way to how the last third of life can be lived in a fulfilling and constructive way. Core topics include rites of passage into eldership, venerating deities of age and wisdom, support for older community members, the role of elders in the Pagan community and developing Pagan models of spiritual maturity drawing on sources from classical Paganism to contemporary psychology.

The course will be multidisciplinary. It will draw on theories and resources from religious studies, psychology, gerontology, sociology (including gerotranscendence) and philosophy and will examine their relevance and usefulness for Pagans and Pagan communities.

This class meets with the MAL /PCC class Crones and Sages: Ministry To and For Older People.

Required Readings: Will be provided online.

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