Creating Peace At Home: Conflict Resolution

Katrina Vaillancourt

Katrina Vaillancourt

Peace in the world begins in our homes with the people we have dedicated our lives and our hearts to. In this course, learn how to view emotional expression as signals that direct you towards deeper understanding around what is needed to create harmony. Learn the underlying motivations to every human action. Learn to establish and maintain boundaries with compassion. Create rituals in your home that deepen family bonds while cultivating emotional intelligence in everyone. Experience more love with your partner and your children, and build skills that will benefit your relationships in every aspect of life. Life can be a game of creating win/wins… Are you ready to play?

Instructor: Katrina Vaillancourt

Class meetings: Wednesdays, 9 PM ET, week of Oct 7 through Nov 9

Required Readings: All readings will be provided by the instructor

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