Counseling Skills and Therapeutic Interventions

column2Students learn counseling skills including development of basic rapport, active listening and effective use of questions.  Psychotherapeutic interventions for specific populations and to
address a variety of psychological issues are explored. Students begin to practice counseling skills with each other and with nonclinical populations.

Valerie Cole, Ph.D

Valerie Cole, Ph.D

Instructor: Valerie Cole

Class meetings: Wednesday 7 PM ET

Required Readings: 

Martin, David G. 2011. Counseling and Therapy Skills. Waveland Press: Long Grove, IL

Prerequisite: P6101, Survey of Counseling Theories or consent of instructor.

Required course for the M.Div. in Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy with a Counseling Major and for the MA in counseling. It counts as an Area II course for other students.

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