Burning Man: Rethinking Ritual, Spirituality, and Culture

What does the Burning Man festival have to teach us about the nature of religion (Pagan and otherwise)? And what does this have to do with shifts in the contemporary American religious landscape? This course will critically examine the broad cultural and spiritual significance of Burning Man–an eclectic, seven-day celebration of art, fire, and community that takes place annually in Nevada’s Black Rock desert. We will interrogate the event’s dynamic history, culture, communities, traditions, rituals, and values in order to cultivate an expanded and diversified understanding of “religion.” In keeping with Burning Man’s participatory spirit, this course will culminate in the completion of creative and/or intellectual projects.   Instructor’s blog

Lee Gilmore, Ph.D.

Instructor:  Lee Gilmore, Ph.D.

Class meetings. Tuesdays 6PM ET.  Course runs during Insights Summer One session, week of May 13 to week of June 9.

Recommended reading:

Theater in a Crowded Fire: Ritual & Spirituality at Burning Man by Lee Gilmore (University of California Press, 2010.

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