Becoming Women: First Bloods Rituals for Girls

Flora_Goddess_of_Spring_by_Timeless_FacesA girl’s transition into womanhood is experienced and acknowledged by her family and community in diverse ways. Messages about womanhood are conveyed through how this passage is treated and/or ritualized. A girl will internalize attitudes or beliefs about themselves, their bodies, and sexuality, based on how others respond (or don’t respond) to this life cycle experience. These attitudes may influence her future, affecting her behavior, actions, expectations, and choices. We will examine menstruation experiences and rituals of contemporary women cross culturally, and learn about ways that menstruation can be acknowledged, powerfully celebrated, and made sacred.

Ruth Barrett

Ruth Barrett

Instructor: Ruth Barrett

Class Meetings: Wednesdays 9PM ET, runs Nov 16 – Dec 13

Required Readings: Wolf, Naomi. 1997. Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood. NY: Ballentine.


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