Basic Shamanism I: The Self

Class Description: Shamanic practice as a catalyst for personal responsibility, healing inner conflict and conflicts with others is the starting point for anyone aspiring to do shamanic work. Experiential exercises such as shamanic journey provide the student with personal information and tools to address the following issues:
*Core issues, challenges, strengths, etc.
*Forgiveness of self and others
*Energy management for self and others
*Spiritual sources (Where do you turn for strength and guidance?)

Instructor: Valentine McKay-Riddell
Class Meetings: Wednesdays 9 pm ET, Jan 25 through Feb 21

Required Readings:

Cajete, Greg. 2000. Secrets of Native Science: Natural laws of interdependence. Santa Fe: Clear Light Publishers.

Ingerman, Sandra & Hank Wesselman. 2010, Awakening to the Spirit World: The shamanic path of direct revelation. Boulder, CO.

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