Basic Shamanism III: Community Service

Class Description: In Basic Shamanism I: Self, we discovered our personal strengths and weaknesses. We met our allies and learned to work with them as we faced our challenges and celebrated our triumphs.

Then, in Basic Shamanism II: Communication with Others, we learned how to reach out with empathy to the human and non-human beings who share our journey.

In Basic Shamanism III we will take the learning we’ve acquired into our communities—our local communities and the larger communities of our country and our world. Using tools and techniques drawn from Hawaiian, Native American, and contemporary shamanism, we will discover how to journey for others, practice elementary shamanic healing, and begin to share what we’ve learned.

Instructor: Valentine McKay-Riddell
Class Meetings: Wednesdays 9 pm ET, Apr 4 through May 1
Prerequisite:  Basic Shamanism I or permission of the instructor

Required Readings:

Mindell, Arnold. 1993. The Shaman’s Body: A new shamanism for transforming health, relationships, and the community. New York: HarperCollins.

Books from Basic Shamanism I:

Ingerman, Sandra & Wesselman, Hank. 2010. Awakening to the Spirit World: The shamanic path of direct revelation. Boulder, CO: Sounds True Publishing.

Cajete, Greg. 2000. Secrets of Native Science: Natural laws of interdependence. Santa Fe: Clear Light Publishers.

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