Basic Shamanism II: Communication with Others

Class Description: Once we’ve learned how to identify our own strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and triumphs, we are ready to reach out to others. Communication with others is the shaman’s stock in trade. Indeed, it is her or his sole purpose and responsibility to serve as intermediary between humans and non-human others—including not only animals but trees and plants, stones, mountains, rivers and oceans, the elements (earth, air, fire, water), and Spirit. The ability to walk in many worlds perfectly qualifies the shaman for this task, and the training is guided by empathy and the wish to help.

In Basic Shamanism II: Communication with Others we will explore several avenues of communication with others. We will view the world from the perspective of Native American, Hawaiian, and contemporary shamans and find our own best way to establish channels of communication with our fellow beings on this little blue planet.

Instructor: Valentine McKay-Riddell
Class meetings: Wednesdays, 9 pm ET Feb 29 through Mar 27
Prerequisite:  Basic Shamanism I or permission of the instructor

Required Readings:

King, Serge Kahili. 1990. Urban Shaman: A handbook for personal and planetary transformation based on the Hawaiian way of the adventurer. New York: Fireside/ Simon & Schuster.

Readings from Basic Shamanism I:

Ingerman, Sandra & Wesselman, Hank. 2010. Awakening to the Spirit World: The shamanic path of direct revelation. Boulder, CO: Sounds True Publishing.

Cajete, Greg. 2002. Secrets of Native Science: Natural Laws of Interdependence. Santa Fe:  Clear Light Publishers.

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