Survival Guide For Pagan Leaders

Anyone who is active in regards to an issue or in a community runs the risk of burnout. Pagan leaders are just as vulnerable as others, and need to practice self-care as part of sustaining their important work. Self-care is sometimes seen as selfishness or the domain of the privileged, but it can and should be accessible to every person. In this short course we’ll discuss how and why to construe self-care as a necessary part of Pagan leadership. We’ll use a variety of tools to come into greater awareness of ourselves and to generate ideas for our own self-care. By the end of the course participants will have an action plan for nurturing their own self-care practices.

Sarah Whedon, Ph.D.,
Dept. of Theology & Religious History

Instructor: Sarah Whedon, Ph.D.
Class Meetings: None – week of Oct 16 to week of Nov 12
Required texts: Instructor will provide materials

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