The Bible for Heretics T5998 Special Topics

A look at the major documents of the Jewish, Christian, and Gnostic Scriptures which were spread out over about 1200 years, focusing on the historical facts and answering the questions of when, where, why, how, and by whom were the documents written.

Department: Theology & Religious History (TRH)

Required Reading:
Any modern translation of the Bible
The Gnostic Scriptures by Marvin Meyer and Elaine Pagels
Forbidden Faith by Richard Smoley
The Mishnah (available online)

Class Meeting:  Saturdays, 2:00 PM EST

Class Begins: January 9, 2022

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Professor: Aidan Kelly, Ph.D. – has been involved with the Craft since 1967. He earned his Ph.D. in advanced humanities from the Graduate Theological Union in 1980 and has been teaching college ever since. He has more than a dozen books in print.

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