Pagan Theology C5141

Theology – the study of Deity – calls us to make connections between reason and experience, history, and contemporary life, and between our own traditions and practices and those of others. It is something we do – a practice by which we grow in deeper understanding of our relationships with the divine and with others, not a matter of mere theory. In this class, we will explore and refine our personal theologies through encounters with significant voices in Paganism, the Western Occult Tradition, and earth-centered and feminist Christianity/post-Christianity, as well as develop expertise with theological terminology.   Students will develop skills to engage in informed and intelligent theological discussions with clergy from other religious traditions.

Instructor: Robert Patrick, Ph.D.
Class Meetings: Every other Saturday at 12:00 pm ET
Prerequisites: C5101 Ethics and Boundaries OR C5121 Contemporary Global Paganisms OR permission of the instructor.
Required Reading:
Kraemer, Christine Hoff. 2012. Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies. Patheos Press.

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