CMC Faculty-Mentor Agreement

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Faculty-Mentor Responsibilities

  1. If you have not used Moodle online classroom before, you are responsible for visiting it as soon as possible, going through the Moodle Tutorial found there, and reviewing the Community Ministry Certificate.
  2. If you are new to the CMC, you should go through all the online modules and familiarize yourself with the content so you are ready to interact with your student.
  3. Student applications come in through our web site and are processed by the office. You will receive an email notification from the office assigning you a student which includes the application and attached resume and letters of recommendation.
  4. At the time of this writing, CHS is moving from a system of adding new students at the time they come in, to setting up all students on or around the 10th of the month, including billing for their automatic payment.
  5. On the day that a monthly payment comes in the office will add each student to their next module. We do not accelerate the pace for a student who has completed their module early.
  6. When you are assigned a new student, acknowledge receipt of the information by reply email.
  7. Next, reach out to the student immediately and arrange a live meeting (either by phone or Zoom).
  8. During this live meeting, simply get to know each other a little. Ask the student to tell you about why they wanted to do the program, answer any questions they may have about the process, let them know the best way to contact you, etc. Congratulate them for taking this big step. Be sure to review the Learning Goals list (posted in the classroom). A copy of the Learning Goals list is in the Appendix of this document.
  9. Check your student’s assignments at least weekly, give them a grade and make any comments you wish. You may receive notifications from the Moodle system, but don’t rely on that. If someone is falling behind, get in touch with them within 2-3 weeks and ask how you can help.
  10. Of course, life happens to everyone. Reassure your student that our goal is to help them complete and receive their CMC, not to kick them out if they need a break. Do let them know if they fall much further behind that we do not like taking their money if they are unable to do the work. They can pause their payments for a time, if needed, though we don’t encourage this. Be sure to let them know that you can’t guarantee that you will be available to pick up as their Faculty-Mentor again, they may be assigned to someone else.
  11. Occasionally, a link to an online resource will go dead; please send the module and week number and the link to the office to correct.
  12. Most of us have at least a phone call about once a month to touch base with a student.
  13. Two mandatory learning goals reviews should be scheduled, one when the student has completed Module 5 and the other after completion of Module 10. You will hold a final review at the end of Module 15.
  14. Submit this form: to have the office issue a certificate and letter to the student who has successfully completed the course.
  15. Ask the student to complete this final evaluation: also found on our web site under For Students/Materials.
  16. Ask the student if they are willing to provide a photo and 1-3 sentence comment about the program for the CHS newsletter.