Paganism & Its Discontents

Cherry Hill Seminary and the University of South Carolina Institute of Anthropology & Archaeology will hold an important conference

March 15-17, 2019 in Columbia, S.C. 

Join us at the most beautiful time of the year in Columbia, on the historic campus of the University of South Carolina.

We will meet in Gambrell Hall, just off the Horseshoe, shown on this campus map. Columbia offers many hotels and restaurants which you may wish to explore. We recommend these hotels. On Friday many small campus food venues will be open adjacent to Gambrell Hall. We will have a longer Saturday break to allow you to go to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Watch for news about a reception on Thursday or Friday evening. Conference language is English.

Early Registration (until January 15): $95

Late Registration (after January 15): $115

Proponents of racist interpretations of pre-Christian Norse-Germanic spiritualities have claimed to be preserving “heritage,” while others belonging to the contemporary Heathen movements have moved to distance themselves from “folkish” thinking. Long-simmering just beneath the surface of American Paganism, racialized Heathenry was on full display in 2017 in Charlottesville, Virgina. The recent Pagan Engagement Survey also revealed a surprising thread of racism among participants. Presentations will address topics like:

♦ Ethnic vs. universal Paganism
♦ Attempted co-option of Pagan ideas and symbols by hate groups
♦ Addressing under-the-radar racism in Pagan groups
♦ Irredentist ideas in our mythologies
♦ Reconstructionism or racism and xenophobia?
♦ Implications and consequences of Declaration 127
♦ Re-emergence of ethno-nationalism and its impact on current events

We welcome papers that explore issues listed above. Editable proposed draft with all citations, due by Monday, December 3, 2018, APA style, submitted using this form. Presentations will be recorded, copyrighted, and made available to participants for personal use following the conference. We plan to shop the compiled paper submissions to a mainstream academic publisher. Call For Papers and To Submit

Note: Cherry Hill Seminary students will have the opportunity to earn credit for participation. Watch for details in spring semester information.

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