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Pagan gatherings throughout the year are a wonderful opportunity for you to volunteer to give a presentation about Cherry Hill Seminary.

If you have volunteered to present about Cherry Hill Seminary, you are a very special individual.  In doing so, you have demonstrated passionate support for Pagan education, for Cherry Hill Seminary itself, and for our students, faculty, staff, and supporters. We salute you!

Our highly experienced staff will help you confirm with your host, send you an Event Profile sheet, connect you with someone else who has made such a presentation, and ensure that you have materials such as brochures. We also have an excellent PowerPoint presentation to assist you in your Info Event.

Don’t worry about being a polished performer; people are grateful that you are willing to share from the heart. They want to hear your sincerity and be able to ask you questions. Remember that much information is on our web site, especially under About and For Students.

Your coven, circle, grove or hearth can also use this opportunity to learn some basics of effective fundraising, while raising funds for both Cherry Hill and your group or favorite local cause.

Please contact us if you’re interested in giving a presentation or have any other questions.

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