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Just like other religious communities, Pagans experience births and deaths, pains and joys — the full range of human experience. But too often, when we need support or guidance from an experienced person of our own faith, we do not know where to turn. Every week at CHS we hear comments like these:

Do you know of a Pagan minister to help my family with a funeral?
I feel I should be visiting Pagans in prison, but don’t have a clue how to go about it.
I’ve been in recovery for ten years, and now I’m ready to give back as a counselor.
Covens and circles where I live want to do more, but no one really knows how to lead.
We have a chaplain at my Army base, but he’s not comfortable with doing a ritual.

Many of us have received outstanding training in our chosen tradition, but there are some special individuals who feel compelled to go above and beyond with their service to others. These are the people who come to Cherry Hill Seminary for a different kind of education.

Cherry Hill Seminary provides quality higher education and practical training in Pagan ministry and earth-based spirituality studies. In fact, we were the first and even now are the only Pagan graduate-level program in the world!

Students look to us to:

Provide an extensive education in diverse aspects of Pagan philosophy, practice, and skilled ministry;
Supplement existing ritual and magical skills with training for professional ministry and counseling;
Serve as an ongoing resource for individual continuing education; and
Provide a forum for scholarship and community

As with any worthwhile endeavor that serves the public, the support of our donors helps Cherry Hill keep our tuition rates affordable, and our quality of service and programs cutting edge.

Why would you give to Cherry Hill? While many resources exist to train and assist students as they pursue their chosen Pagan tradition or path, there is an acute need for specific training in areas such as rites of passage, working with children and families, counseling, addictions, marriage and family issues, religion and the law, interfaith work, Pagan scholarship, media and public relations, ritual arts, leadership development, and nonprofit management. No other seminary provides such training in a Pagan environment, by Pagans, for today’s Pagan communities.

Whether you are seeking a degree, or simply want to enjoy some good continuing education, our students consistently praise the Cherry Hill experience as a supportive environment with exciting and challenging programming. And since we provide our programs as distance learning, students can pursue their studies at their own pace, from their own home, with occasional trips to join our small-group intensives.

Please consider making a gift of your own to Cherry Hill Seminary. We run our unique program on a very lean budget, so every contribution makes a difference, whether large or small.

You can help us grow stronger.  Your contribution is an investment that touches the lives of people you may never know, in places you may never see.  See below for all the ways you can support Cherry Hill Seminary, or click the image below to give to support

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What could we do to raise money?

1. Simply ask each person in your group or circle of friends to join The Hypatia Society with you. 2. Throw down the gauntlet! Have each member of your group compete to see how many other folks they can get a gift or pledge from. If you are part of a group, set up a …

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Give or Pledge Now

Make a contribution now At the payment screen you may select the amount you wish to give. If your gift is in memory or honor of someone, please give the name and mailing address of anyone we should notify (e.g., family member). Making your gift an automatically-recurring one is easy. Watch for a checkbox on …

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Legacy Giving

Sample Language For Leaving a Bequest to Cherry Hill Seminary Tax ID number: 20-4542690 I hereby give to CHERRY HILL SEMINARY, a legally incorporated educational institution located in South Carolina, the following described property: ________________________________________________________________ OR — the sum of: $_________ OR ________ percent (_______%) of the residue of my estate. My gift may be …

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Host an Event

Pagan gatherings throughout the year are a wonderful opportunity for you to volunteer to give a presentation about Cherry Hill Seminary. If you have volunteered to present about Cherry Hill Seminary, you are a very special individual.  In doing so, you have demonstrated passionate support for Pagan education, for Cherry Hill Seminary itself, and for …

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The Hypatia Society

   Individual memberships: Group memberships: $20 Astronomer Vinyl CHS logo decal 5″ square $50 Observatory CHS enamel pins for up to 6 members of your group $45 Mathematician Enamel CHS pin 3/4″ round, plus Astronomer benefits $100 Lunarium One free Insights course for one member of your group, plus Observatory benefits $95 Philosopher 10% discount …

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CHS Bookstore

Visit now-Every purchase helps support Cherry Hill Seminary  

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CHS Gifts

Show your school spirit with a quality gifts like this tee shirt, tote, or coffee mug.

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Scholarship Endowment: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to give for my gift to be matched? Every gift is welcome and will be counted. What if you raise more than $10,000? All funds raised which are designated for the scholarship endowment will be added to the principal. How much will you give out in a scholarship? This depends …

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Tree of Life Honoring Our Donors

Cherry Hill Seminary extends a heartfelt thanks to all our generous donors. Endowment Drive June 2013 – Jeffrey Albaugh, Jessica Aldrich, Chandra Alexandre, Karen Anderson, Anonymous, Azure Green, Christina Beard-Moose, Byron Ballard, Megan Beaumont, Jennifer Bennett, Chas Clifton, Andy Conn, Judy Craft, Jo Ann Dale, Dana Doerksen, Bernice Drake, Sarah Driskill, Hugh Eckert, Holli Emore, …

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Spread the Word

Looking for other ways to help support Cherry Hill Seminary? One of the most effective ways you can help is to tell your friends about Cherry Hill Seminary. Share our newsletter with others by forwarding it to your own networks. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and share our articles with your circles. Reshare …

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