World Religions from a Pagan Perspective

Michael York, Ph.D.

Michael York, Ph.D.

An examination of the theologies and practices of the major world religions from a Pagan perspective. Broadly speaking, the fundamental spiritual options are Abrahamic, Dharmic, secular and Pagan. We want to ask: How do they differ from one another, what is a Pagan perspective and what does Paganism offer to the world’s theological/spiritual forum that the other positions do not?

Instructor: Michael York, Ph.D.
Suggested Texts:
Many Peoples, Many Faiths : Women & Men in the World Religions – 8th Edition
World Faiths
Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion
Class Meetings: Sundays 11:00 AM ET
Prerequisites: none
Fulfills: This is a required course for MDiv students. It meets the requirement for an Area I course.
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