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Christina Beard-Moose


Christina Taylor Beard-Moose, Ph.D.

Christina Taylor Beard-Moose, Ph.D.

I am a feminist scholar and I hold a PhD from the University of Iowa in Feminist Anthropology. I am currently an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the largest community college in the State University of New York [SUNY] system, Suffolk County Community College [SCCC]. I did my dissertation fieldwork in the Southeastern United States with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians during the late 1990s. My current project will begin to address the question of tourism as pilgrimage and the cultural phenomenon of Goddess-centered spirituality that is, according to some statistics, the largest growing “religion” in the U.S. and the U.K. Among my research expertise/interest are Cultural Anthropology; Cultural and Eco-Tourism; Women’s Spirituality Movement; Anthropology of Religion; Thealogy; Qualitative Ethnographic Field Methods; Anthropological Theory: History of Feminist Anthropology and History of American Anthropology; Identity & Performative expressions of identity; American Indians – peopling of the Americas to contemporary issues with a specialty in tribes of the Southeastern U.S.

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