Pagan Ancestors and Elders: Victor and Cora Anderson

Christine Hoff Kraemer, Ph.D., Chair, Theology & Religious History

Instructor: Christine Kraemer, Ph.D.

Class Meetings: None

Victor and Cora Anderson were the founders of the Anderson Feri (or Faery) tradition, an American witchcraft tradition famous for its ecstatic practices and its queer-friendly theology. Despite its small size, Feri has had a tremendous impact on the Pagan movement through well-known figures such as Gwydion Pendderwen (a musician and teacher who helped develop the modern genre of Pagan music), Alison Harlow (co-founder of Covenant of the Goddess), theologian and activist Starhawk, teacher and writer T. Thorn Coyle, teacher and writer Macha Nightmare, and many others too numerous to list here. In this course, we will read poetry by both Victor and Cora and read key interviews with Victor, as well as studying Etheric Anatomy, in which Victor lays out the influential model of the three souls. In addition, we will enjoy Cora’s plainly written, down-to-earth memoir Kitchen Witch, in which she describes growing up in an impoverished area of the Appalachians. The contrasting voices of this fascinating couple will offer students insight into a uniquely American form of contemporary witchcraft.

“Pagan Elders and Ancestors” is part of a planned series of Foundations courses covering important figures in the history of magick and contemporary Paganism.

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