Healing the Spirit of Place

Valentine McKay-Riddell, Ph.D.

Valentine McKay-Riddell, Ph.D.

Together we will explore our intimate connection with our Mother Earth. We’ll discover some of the wounds that Gaia has suffered, why and how they’ve occurred, the ways in which we might support Her healing process, and methods of teaching this information to others. As part of this process, we’ll learn specific energy healing techniques for water, earth, air, and fire (our star, the Sun). We’ll come to understand the language of local plants, animals, and insects, and learn how to communicate with them. Finally we’ll learn how to make flower and crystal remedies and how to use them for healing our Mother Earth and ourselves.

Instructor: Valentine McKay-Riddell, Ph.D.
Class Meetings: Tuesdays 8 PM ET, week of Jan 19 to week of Feb 15
Prerequisites: None
Required Reading:
Starhawk. 2013. The Earth Path. New York: HarperOne.
Abram, David. 2010. Becoming Animal. New York: Vintage Books.
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