Contemporary Global Paganisms C5121

Jo Pearson, Ph.D.

This survey course will introduce students to the wide variety of Paganisms being practiced around the world. We will challenge scholarly definitions of Paganism and our own personal ones by attempting to trace common threads between many disparate traditions. Students will familiarize themselves with both popular and scholarly descriptions of contemporary Paganisms, then explore the Internet and their local communities to gain first-hand experience with traditions not their own. In these encounters, we will deal with issues of cultural appropriation versus appropriate cultural borrowing and consider Paganism’s position as a consciously (re)constructed, combinative religious path. A final project will allow students to synthesize their knowledge in an comparison of Paganisms that supports the unique thrust of their ministerial paths.

Fulfills one of the four core course requirements for all Master’s degree students. This class must be completed within the first 27 credit hours of instruction and must be done before taking Praxis. It will not be offered again until Summer 2018.

Instructors:   Jo Pearson, Ph.D.
Class Meetings:  Sundays at 3 pm ET, every other week beginning January 22
Prerequisites:   None
Required Readings:
Adler, Margot. 2006, (revised & updated ed. ) Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-worshippers, and other Pagans in America today. London: Penguin
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