Accommodation of Distinctive Faith Formations in the Military

The policy of the Department of Defense and the Uniformed Services is that only military chaplains will provide spiritual services and programs to military members and other authorized personnel.  However, not all faith groups have military chaplains endorsed by their religious group, or there may be insufficient numbers of chaplains to provide for a specific religious group.  The Chaplains Corps provides for and accommodates those distinctive religious groups through exceptions to policy.  This course surveys the regulations, policies and procedures necessary to accommodate those groups. Master’s-level course is open to non-certificate students such as DRGLs by contacting instructor. Course code ST8008.

Fulfills: This is a required Stackables course for students in the special military chaplaincy program. For all others, it is a 1 unit course in Area II.

Instructor: David Oringderff, Ph.D. and Carol Kirk, M.Div.
Class meetings: Wednesdays 9 PM ET Nov 15-Dec 13
Required Readings: Instructor will provide

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