Fall 2016-Still Time To Register

Ministering to Military Families
Tuesdays 9:00 PM ET, Sept. 21 – Oct. 19 on Skype
Covers the general pastoral functions of ministering to the military community in a diverse and pluralistic environment and surveys some of the special situations that the military chaplain is likely to encounter, like deployment, reintegration, relationships, loss, and spiritual injuries of returning service members. More Info & Register
Self-Care For Pagan Leaders
Oct 17 – Nov 13, no live meetings

Self-care is sometimes seen as selfishness or the domain of the privileged, but it can and should be accessible to every person. We’ll use a variety of tools to come into greater awareness of ourselves and to generate ideas for our own self-care. By the end of the course participants will have an actionable plan for nurturing their own self-care practices.More info and register

Effective Web Site Development for Pagan Organizations
Oct 17 – Nov 13, no live meetings
Create a strategic plan for the development of the web site for your Pagan organization. This includes identifying key decisions about site navigation, software applications that will be used for the development of the site, and implementation of the strategic plan with the assistance of individuals with the necessary technical knowledge. A great way to build your first site with skilled backup in class. More info and register
Queer Pagan Theology Crash Course
Nov 21 – Dec 18, Wednesdays, 8 ET
From our many myths of gender-bending deities to the celebrated statement that “All acts of love and pleasure are [the Goddess’] rituals,” Pagan traditions are full of queer-friendly elements. Unsurprisingly, Pagan communities are also full of queer people: some studies suggest that fully a third of all Pagans identify as gender or sexual minorities. This class will help students clarify their beliefs about gender and sexuality; explore how our religious practices could embrace more fluid and diverse gender and sexual expressions; and prepare students to advocate for LGBTQ Pagans in interfaith contexts.More info and register
The Wounded Warrior: Bringing Them All Back Home
Thursdays 8 PM ET, Nov. 16 – Dec. 14
War leaves invisible wounds upon the mind and the soul of our combat veterans. Here we’ll explore the impact of such wounds on the lives of veterans, including an increased risk of suicide. And we’ll discuss ways of intervening with these invisible wounded in both mundane fashion and through using methods more in tune with Pagan beliefs. The course will consist of a weekly group Skype session and individual work between sessions. More info and register

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