Military Chaplaincy Specialization Program

Just as the military is a unique subculture of our greater society, military chaplains are a unique subset of the greater society of professional chaplains.  While all chaplains are charged with providing care and support in an interfaith environment to all of those under their pastoral care, military chaplains face an additional set of unique challenges.  To assist those students who aspire to become military chaplains, we have established a program to help prepare them for that role.

M.Div. Chaplaincy with Military Chaplaincy Specialization/ Master’s Certificate in Military Chaplaincy

This program will be a fifteen-semester hour specialty track beyond the requirements for the Master of Divinity degree, and will cover the following topics:

Military Chaplaincy Core I (3 credit hours, 1 hour per topic)
1.    Introduction to Military Chaplaincy
2.    Ministry to Military Families
3.    War, Ethics and Religion

Military Chaplaincy Core II (3 credit hours, 1 hour per topic)
4.    The Experience of War
5.    The Wounded Warrior
6.    Grief, Trauma, Loss and Recovery

Military Chaplaincy Core III (3 credit hours, 1 hour per topic)
7.    Chaplaincy and Religious Freedom
8.    Accommodation of Minority Faith Formations in the Military Context
9.    Resolving Conflicts between Personal Faith and Requirements of Pluralistic Ministry

Sexuality, Culture and Religion (3 credit hours)

Understanding Sacred Texts (3 credit hours)

Core classes will be taught by instructors experienced in the military and with military chaplaincy. Students external to Cherry Hill Seminary must be currently matriculated in an M.Div. program, have been awarded an M.Div degree OR be currently serving as an institutional chaplain in order to enroll in these classes. Contact us for inquiries or to apply CHS @

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