Certificate in Environmental Leadership

Whether addressing climate change broadly or focusing on a particular environmental threat, the CHS Certificate in Environmental Leadership builds the skills and self-knowledge to assume leadership roles in this vital movement. Courses include topics like—

  • How living systems function
  • Earth and psychological sciences
  • Advocacy and organizing skills
  • A spiritual approach to acting for change                         Register Now
Earth Systems 3
Earth Congregations and Resilient Communities 3
Paganism, Climate Science & the Science of Denial 3
Earth Advocacy & Environmental Justice 3
Leadership I 3
Leadership II 3
One of the following for 3 credits
Nature & Pagan Spirituality
The Poetry & Politics of Nature
3 Insights Electives for 1 credit each (total of 3 credits)
Talking to Trees
Leading Like Water
Wounded Healers in Turbulent Times
Basics of Nonprofit Management
Basics of Fundraising (Beyond Bake Sales)
Certificate Total 24

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