Educational Programs

Cherry Hill Seminary programs are designed to meet the needs of working adults, living in a complex and demanding world.

Because Cherry Hill Seminary teaches primarily through distance education, students have more flexibility in the specific hours each week they need to reserve for study. With no need for daily travel to classes, Cherry Hill Seminary classes are both environmentally-sound and time-efficient. Check out our Current Courses.

Explore the pages below to discover what Cherry Hill Seminary has to offer.

Military Chaplaincy Specialization

Military chaplains are a unique subset of professional chaplains. While all chaplains are charged with providing care and support in an interfaith environment, military chaplains face an additional set of unique challenges. 15-credit-hour program assists students who aspire to service as military chaplains.

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Master's Degrees

Master of Divinity (M.Div.) The basic professional degree for the work of clergy supported by academic studies, a Master of Divinity degree requires the equivalent of three years of full-time study, 72 credit hours, and is considered a “terminal degree.” Ordination by one’s specific group or tradition may be required for endorsement or employment in addition to the degree (Cherry Hill Seminary does not ordain clergy). Students in the program are required to choose a major area of study and corresponding academic department from those described under Major Areas of Study. The Master of Divinity with a Pastoral Counseling major …

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Pagan Community Education

Certificates, Insights, Rhizomes – Click to learn more  


Stackables are new five-week master’s-level classes that are worth one credit. They are designed to focus more narrowly on a single important topic to provide insight into difficult situations students may encounter in their work with the communities they will serve. These topics include child sexual and non-sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, the basics of mental health, wounded warriors, and others to be announced. Three Stackables courses (one credit each) may substitute for one elective (three credits). Our first Stackables course begins this January, and as we add more courses to the catalog, we will announce them. …

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Insights Courses

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Conferences and Intensives

Although Cherry Hill Seminary regular coursework is by distance education, periodically our students have the opportunity to meet faculty and classmates face-to-face. These are occasions of close camaraderie, discussion, bonding, mentoring and experiential learning. Conferences:   These are most often a one-two day meetings in a conference setting, with both students and the general public invited to participate.  We look forward to expanding locations for Cherry Hill Seminary Conferences as we grow. Intensives:  Each master’s student is required to complete two or three such academic intensives before graduation, depending on the particular program.  Typically, intensives require readings and homework in …

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Pagan Life Academy - for Incarcerated Pagans

Congratulations on your decision to follow the path of spiritual growth. Cherry Hill Seminary is the world’s premier source of distance education for leadership, ministry, and personal growth. We hope that these studies will support and enhance your journey to wholeness. Contemporary Paganism is really a family of religions, the most popular of which are Asatru or Heathenry, Druidry, feminist Goddess worship, Wicca, non-Wiccan forms of religious witchcraft and reconstructionism (the attempted recreation of ancient religions such as those of Greece and Egypt). Of these Wicca is the largest. Because there may be different kinds of Pagans in any prison, …

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Lauren Raine: Artist-In-Residence 2014-2015

“Myth comes alive as it enters the cauldron of evolution, itself drawing energy from the storytellers who shape it.”  — Elizabeth Fuller, The Independent Eye Theatre I’ve always seen masks as “vessels for our stories”, and I’ve always derived inspiration from mythology, collective Story. When I went to Bali to study temple mask traditions I was privileged to produce collaborative masks with Ida Bagus Anom and other Balinese master mask makers while there. In 1999 I created 30 multicultural Masks of the Goddess for the Spiral Dance with Reclaiming in San Francisco. As I researched mythologies of the “Feminine Faces …

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Annie Finch: Artist In Residence 2012-2013

Winter Solstice GiftInvocation to the EastIn beginning, you breathe us aware. Let your clarity ring through the air. Be with us.Invocation to the South Flame and spark of passion’s power, Point your fire like a flower. Be with us. Invocation to the West Spirit of water, move free in us, Rest us and cleanse us to be in us. Be with us. Invocation to the North Come rich dark maker, give us birth From strength and stone and deepest earth. Be with us. Invocation to the Center Come spiral of outer and inner, Come magic, come spirit, come spinner. Be …

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