Admissions Overview

Cherry Hill Seminary welcomes those who hunger for knowledge, training and the dynamics of the classroom educational experience. There are several ways to pursue learning with Cherry Hill Seminary.

Applications to a master’s degree program are competitive, requiring a rigorous admissions process, described in the Student Catalog.

Pursuit of a certificate is less strenuous, although some certificates have specific requirements, also noted in the Student Catalog.

Insights* courses are open to all, including the general public.

Finally, anyone may audit a Cherry Hill Seminary course by obtaining the written permission (via email) of the instructor. An email address for each instructor is found on our web site, on the faculty listing under information about Cherry Hill Seminary. Registration fees are the same whether auditing a course or receiving credit.

All students must:

  • Have proficiency and access to an up-to-date computer, including Skype, with a microphone and speaker, and reliable internet access, preferably high-speed (see Student Catalog, Technology Requirements for details).
  • Be able to attend and participate in online class sessions
  • Be competent to perform graduate level work
  • Demonstrate basic competence in English language and writing
  • Demonstrate interest in Pagan leadership and service.

Detailed information is found in the current Student Catalog, including specific requirements. After careful study, you may begin the process of application by completing the online admission form, but be sure to have all your information available before you start.

When an application package is complete, a representative from the Admissions Committee will contact the applicant to schedule a required personal interview, which may be conducted by telephone or Skype. The applicant’s references will be verified. After the interview, the completed Application Package will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Applicants will be informed of the committee’s decision within 30 days after final review.

Ready to start your educational adventure?

 Apply to enter a master’s program

Apply to enter a certificate program

 Apply to take an Insights* course or take any course as a non-degree student

*Please note that materials issued prior to June 2013 often refer to Foundations courses. These are now called “Insights” but information is still applicable.

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